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Isothermal vans

Assoplast srl has specialized for over 30 years in the repair and customization of isothermal vehiclesBodywork operations on isothermal vans are the main business in our company, whose profile has been improved and renewed over time, always making customer needs our priority. Tarpaulin, Plywood, Van Fittings

Tarpaulin, Plywood, Van Fittings

Today, Assoplast, thanks to its highly qualified workshop, is able to carry out repairs even on tarpaulin vehicles,vehicles in plywood eplywood and is able to create customized fittings.


Spare Parts Warehouse and Workshop

Our staff’s experience and skills have been consolidated over time, thus guaranteeing customers the highest quality of performance and results. Repairs range from small welding operations to repairs to floors and walls, up to reconstructions of entire walls, isothermal panels and front parts. The spare parts warehouse is equipped with a vast assortment: profiles, handles, hinges and original parts from highly reliable brands such as Lamberet and Schmitz. Assolplast srl is also an authorized Krone workshop. Repairs and operations times are short and can be adapted to the needs of each customer, keeping costs low.