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Our body shop is specialized in supplying and installing customized isothermal fittings as well as fittings for vans, trucks and all other types of commercial vehicles:

  • Isothermal insulation for food transport with ATP approval
  • "Light" thermal insulation for transport of medical drugs, flowers etc.
  • Production of isothermal bulkheads with and without fan.
  • Installation of a railing or tube tracks systems for meat transport.
  • Installation of aluminum or wooden shutters to replace van doors.

Our refrigerator vans fittings allow us to maintain the original structural characteristics of the vehicle, the added weight is extremely low and the internal volume does not suffer major reductions.
Furthermore, our staff is able, when feasible, to customize any option required. 

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How to intend insulation

A vehicle used for the transport and distribution of perishable goods is defined insulated. An insulated van, or isothermal van, has a load compartment lined with insulating panels which prevents heat exchange between the internal and external surface of the vehicle body. Such internal insulation, in fact, lining the whole internal surface of the vehicle, reduces to the minimum the thermal dispersion that could cause temperature fluctuations, which are damaging for the goods transported, and, at the same time, guarantees efficiency and safety of the load.

Insulated vehicles are identified as:

  • insulated vans without ATP, with washable inner lining; 
  • ATP insulated vans without fridge, ATP IN - Normal Isothermal

  • insulated vans with refrigerator, or ATP FNAX - Normal Class A Refrigerator.

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ATP Insulated Van

La ATP certification regulates perishable goods transport: issued by the Ministry of Transport, it sets the temperature at which goods must be transported based on their characteristics and the length of the journey.

For refrigerated vans meant for foodstuffs transport such certification is mandatory.

Customized Insulated Commericial Vehicle Fittings

The need for ATP transport can be the most varied: transport of different kinds of food, from bread to frozen foods, transport of medical drugs, transport of flowers ... every type of product and goods transported requires an adequate internal fitting to prevent not only that it might be damaged by temperature fluctuations , but also that it might suffer traumas due to transport.

Fitting, therefore, does not only mean insulation panels, but also a system of shelves and fittings to secure the load, shelves, doors and compartments, in addition to the already mentioned railing and tube tracks systems: a rational and safe distribution of the load increases the efficiency of transport.

Refrigerated trucks fittings must also comply with precise hygiene standards and must be washable according to Haccp, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point 

The added value of the service offered by Assoplast’s workshop is that it is highly adaptive and capable of meeting the transporter’s needs so as to obtain a perfectly insulated van with fitting that makes it efficient and ideal for small and large-scale distribution transport.

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