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Assoplast srl manufactures mobile isothermal boxes, used for food transport at different temperatures, which can be positioned on any means of transport, not necessarily insulated ones. The production of swap bodies is tailor-made, responding in a precise and detailed manner to the customer’s needs and to the purposes for which the boxes will be used.

The use of non-toxic materials and the excellent thermal coefficient (K) guarantee adequate storage conditions and make them suitable for food and medical drugs transport.

Refrigeration conditions are obtained by installing refrigeration units powered ranging from 12 to 220 V, with forced ventilation or with pre-frozen eutectic plates.

The boxes quality is guaranteed by the ATP homologation certification, issued by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.


Who can use isothermal boxes?

Both the possibility of customization and the adaptability to different means of transport make our mobile boxes versatile and, therefore, suitable to different contexts. From the small retailer, to the restaurateur, to the transporter, everyone will be able to find the most suitable solution for their business.

Assoplast isothermal boxes can be washed with normal detergents and do not require special maintenance. Therefore, it is an investment that will not require extraordinary or repair maintenance over time, if properly cared for.