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Reusing and exploiting waste is the best way to preserve the environment in which we live, for our benefit and for that of future generations.

Considering waste as a resource is the starting point towards the shaping of the world in which we want to live.

The virtual assembly line of waste exploitation and recovery starts with the promotion of actions that involve correct waste sorting by citizens, and then proceeds to a proper treatment (whether disposal or recovery).

Assoplast srl is engaged in waste collection and delivery to designated centers and depots.

Our professionalism, consolidated over time, has allowed us to collaborate with the local government agencies that deal with waste management for the municipality and with private companies located not only in the province of Reggio Emilia, but also throughout the national territory.


What kind of wasted

Assoplast srl collects urban waste, special hazardous waste and special non-hazardous waste, both for public and private companies, managing at best the needs of their needs.

The Eco-Recovery Network

Assoplast, having joined the Eco-Recuperi Network, offers collection, sorting, reuse and disposal services of exhausted printers and photocopiers (toner) cartridges for customers in the areas of Reggio Emilia and all Emilia Romagna.