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Storage is an integral part to the whole waste disposal and recovery process. Assoplast srl is authorized to carry out all storage operations thanks to the efficiency of the platform and the plants it is equipped with.

Supported by a long experience in the environmental sector, the company is structured so that to provide consulting and assistance services, for a correct management of waste storage, whether special hazardous waste or special non-hazardous waste.

Assoplast’s storage center is organized according to dedicated areas. Specifically, it can manage waste such as:


  • Toner
  • Urban WEE (R1-R2-R3-R4-R5)
  • Special WEEE
  • Pakaging Waste
  • Batteries and Accumulaton
  • Photography Industry Waste
  • Health and Veterinary Sector Waste


In addition, there is an area dedicated to Waste12 processing.